15912 NE 14th Ave
Starke, FL 32091

Located about 1 mile east of Starke, FL between SR 16 and CR 230, off NE 17th Ave.

Map of the local area decpicting the proposed route.


Audio is broadcast on 91.5 FM.
Feel free to listen in, but please keep your radio volume at a reasonable level.

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All Donations Benefit

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LED Bracelets

Here's something fun for the kids! These bracelets are synchronized with the lights and dance to the music!

These are available for a $5 minimum donation with 100% going to Clay Humane.

LED bracelets displayed are available with a $5 minimum donation


The display uses thousands of custom designed RGB LEDs that are individually programmed!
It takes weeks of work to make the lights dance to music.


How long does it take to setup the display?
It takes all year to prep the display with things like wiring, prop building, and the musical sequences. With the hard work spread throughout the year, the actual setup takes about a week.
Where can I buy similar lights?
They don't sell these lights as consumer products. Most of what you see is custom designed and manufactured in factories overseas.
How does it work?
First, there are several small computers scattered amongst the display, constantly communicating with each other. All of these respond to a "master" computer that instructs them on what to do and when. The computers then communicate with controllers that output a specific data signal to each and every LED. Music is broadcast to your car via a small FM transmitter that is time-synchronized with the programmed sequence.
How much does everything cost?
Too much. 😃
Do you do this for a living?
No. It's just a hobby. My day job is being a software engineer.
Your power bill must be insane.
Not really. The LEDs are all 5-12 volts and very efficient. The bill only increases about 5-10% during lights season.


If you're interested in helping out for a great cause, please email [email protected].

Head-on image of the display when active
Perspective shot looking up at the top of a mega tree from the bottom
Oblique view of the Halloween display when playing